What is TestCrypt

TestCrypt is the first aid to recover data from lost partitions encrypted with TrueCrypt. A partition encrypted by TrueCrypt cannot be identified as a partition unless the correct password is provided; standard recovery tools are unable to recover data unless the volume can be mounted with TrueCrypt.


Supported Operating Systems

The x64 version of Windows® Vista or newer requires digitally signed drivers. Use the F8 boot option and select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" to temporarily allow the TestCrypt driver to be loaded. Otherwise all features requiring a device driver (for example directly mounting a volume which has been found) will fail.


I favor tools which are shipped without huge installers and can be extracted anywhere to run. This however requires that some packages are installed manually - if not already installed - before TestCrypt can be used. The following frameworks are required:


Download to current version: TestCrypt 0.5.1

To source code is located inside a SVN repository. Use the following URL to check out the current trunk of TestCrypt:


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